• To establish, develop and maintain the highest possible standard for ethical conduct and proficiency for those engaged in the profession of funeral service.

  • To encourage the highest education level possible of its members whereby they may serve the public in a manner that most nearly relates to their needs

  • To provide a social environment whereby the members may develop a growing relationship with each other.

  • To provide services and information to its members whereby common problems and difficulties may be encountered and overcome.

  • To maintain liaison with other state associations and the National Funeral Directors Association.

  • To convey to consumers information as to funeral service, funeral merchandise and to protect the consumers interest in regard thereto.


  • OFDA strives to conduct its affairs in a professional, caring and responsive manner To all members and consumers.


  • The six District Chairmen and District Governors are elected volunteers whose purpose is to promote member input from their respective districts and the entire state for board review.