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COVID-19 OK Health Dept Update

Jun. 25, 2020


Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

The COVID-19 Numbers have not only increased, we have set new daily highs. Last Friday the numbers are: 9,354 total cases with 359 deaths. As of Thursday at 11 a.m. the TOTAL NUMBER OF POSITIVE CASES IS 11,948 with deaths at 375. While the death rate has dropped the number of cases has skyrocketed. The 18-35 age group is the new majority. We are averaging over 400 new cases per day.

Texas has taken a step back to try to slow the spread. Houston is now considered the new NEW YORK.

The health department has come out with the SERIOUS SEVEN

After recording just a few dozen cases a day on average for three months, Oklahoma is now reporting hundreds. The number of active cases was on the decline at the end of May, but since then has risen from 646 to more than 11,000.

Through contact tracing, officials in Tulsa and Oklahoma City say they've figured out the biggest drivers of the state's outbreak - a group they're calling the 'Serious Seven'.

"With the uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, we've noticed a trend in where residents of Oklahoma County are contracting the virus," the OKC-County Health Department posted on Facebook. 

"We're finding that many individuals attending these serious seven locations are often more exposed to COVID-19."

They are:

  • weddings 
  • funerals
  • faith-based activities
  • bars
  • gyms
  • house gatherings
  • other small events.

People aged 18-50 seem to be driving most of the "super-spreader" events, Patrick McGough of the OKC-County Health Department told local news station KOCO News 5.

"No one is trying to discourage these events," he said. "Use proper precautions as you participate. If you cannot remain six feet (1.8m) away from others, or you can't wear a mask, you should not participate." 

This could have an impact on your funerals but the Governor’s Office nor any Mayors have issued new orders. I will keep you up-to-date as to any new changes.

The top 10 Counties in Oklahoma are:

Tulsa 2,949

Oklahoma 2,410

Texas 984

Cleveland 763

Washington 388

Mccurtain 385

Comanche 383

Payne 300

Canadian 227

Wagoner 226