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COVID-19 UPDATE May 14th

May. 14, 2020

Good afternoon! The Governor had a press conference at 1 pm today and we are moving into Phase 2 of the OURS Plan.
The Governor's Office has been telling me there would be a limit to 50 or fewer for funerals and weddings but today the discussion has changed. They have referred me to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce website.
This is what the DOC says:

When can funerals resume and how many people should be allowed?

Larger funerals may resume on May 15 with appropriate social distancing guidelines in place. Individuals should consult with the venues to ensure appropriate social distancing and the maximum number of guests. They could offer seating with six feet distance between family groups and/or alternating rows or pews. Funeral service venues should follow guidance for places of worship. Funeral reception venues should follow guidance for restaurants.


Also today, Mayor Bynum (Tulsa) did say that Funerals and Weddings would be limited to 50 or fewer. So PLEASE check with your local municipality!

If there are any changes I will let you know. Please remember, this is your business and you may feel more comfortable with smaller numbers and that is your right.
More information to come.....