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May. 19, 2020

Good afternoon everyone! We have an important update from Vital Records today.

Todays COVID-19 numbers are:

5,489 confirmed cases in Oklahoma with 294 deaths

World-wide stats are:

4,788,347 cases globally

USA has 1,537,830 Cases with 90,694 deaths.

We continue to monitor covid19 changes. One change is from the OK Vital Records:

Vital Records Reopens Lobbies and Reduces the Cost of Online Services

Oklahoma Vital Records (VR) anticipates re-opening its lobbies Monday June 1, 2020, however it is important that we protect our most vulnerable customers to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19 in our often crowded lobbies.

Summer is normally the busiest time of the year for VR as people travel and children return to school resulting in an increased demand for birth certificates. Additionally this year, DPS will begin issuing RealID compliant identifications in July further increasing the demand for birth records during this already challenging time.

If you choose to visit a VR lobby, it will be necessary to put your name on the waiting list when you arrive. Once you have been admitted to the building, you will need to limit your visit to dropping off applications or picking up records. Only a limited number of people will be allowed in our lobbies at a time, so you will not be able to wait in the lobby for issuance. We encourage you to drop off applications and return at a later day/time for the records, but you can also return to your car and wait there. VR staff will call you when the records are ready.

To avoid the long lines, VR strongly encourages funeral directors to either arrive early or to consider continuing to use our online service. We recognize that you need speed, convenience and value in the service you receive.

-              Speed: Over the past few weeks, every online order for a complete record was issued the next business day.

-              Convenience: Online ordering eliminates the cost and your time to drive to the VR office and wait on copies to be issued.

-              Value: VitalChek will dropped the portal fee from $6 to $3 for funeral directors that switch from credit cards to electronic checking (effective 5/19/2020). Credit card orders will remain $6.

Setting up electronic checking as your payment source is simple to do and eliminates the high credit card fees from the transaction which is why this option can be offered at a reduced price. It can be easily be set up one time as your default, so you don’t have to re-enter the information for each order.


Step 3. Enter a NICKNAME for this payment source e.g. Bob’s Checking Acct

tep 4. Click the DEFAULT box

Step 5. On the dropdown box for PAYMENT TYPE, select “Business check (Electronic)” Step 6. Enter the Payor information and the Bank Routing information

Step 7. Click SAVE

Ordering online also provides you the ability to easily track your order history, check the status of any open requests, and receive notifications when orders are completed. VitalChek offers helpdesk support available around the clock to provide assistance if you run into a problem.

Vital Records is working diligently to assure you receive your records as quickly as possible for the lowest possible price. We recognize that you have taken a financial hit in the recent months as funeral services have been adjusted, but we are thankful for the thoughtful care that you have shown to our families. For that reason, we appreciate that our partner VitalChek has worked with us reduce the cost of their service in order to offer you what we hope is a convenient and affordable business solution.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or VitalChek at 1.888.216.9944 or [email protected]

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