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NJFDA Warns of Home Burglaries During Funerals

The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association has been receiving an increased number of reports regarding home burglaries occurring during the time immediate family members are away at funerals.

In each of the occurrence’s families have returned home to discover their residences had been ransacked during their absence with jewelry and cash missing.

Apparently, these burglars read about funeral service times in online obituaries, social media posts, newspaper obituaries or wherever people openly share the information. 

All funeral directors are urged to advise families during arrangements that it would be prudent to have someone such as a neighbor or a friend, sit in their homes while they are attending the visitation and service.

Other steps that families can take to secure their homes during funeral services include:

  • Creating illusion that someone is home by using light timers or by leaving a vehicle in your driveway
  • Asking a neighbor to collect mail and packages if leaving town for a funeral
  • Alerting police that the home will be vacant while attending services
  • Alerting several neighbors so they can be vigilant
  • Making sure locks are secure and that spare keys are not left in obvious places such as outside flower pots or under doormats
  • Locking away all valuable such as jewelry, electronic devices, cameras and personal papers

It is extremely unfortunate that during times of mourning and loss, burglars would compound the grief of already emotional households. Having these discussions while making arrangements could save families heartache later.

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