OKFDA is your voice at the State Capitol regarding all issues dealing with our industry. 

Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association PAC (Political Action Committee) funds are used to affect change at the Oklahoma State Capitol. 

OKFDA utilizes a lobbyist to assist in lobbying efforts our State Legislature on state related issues related to Funeral Service. 

Policy – Not politics, partisanship, or personality.
OKFDA PAC supports candidates in the House & Senate who support funeral service.

Not Politics~The PAC ONLY focuses on funeral service related issues. Not Partisanship~We support any candidate who supports funeral service without regard to party affiliation. Not Personality~Only a candidate's views on funeral service matters-other issues are not considered.  
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SB 356-Authored by Senator Julie Daniels (Tulsa)-OKFDA Opposes
“A funeral establishment shall provide notice to the consumer specifying any subcontractors or agents routinely engaged for transporting, embalming, or cremating human remains. To comply, the notice shall be given when the consumer first inquiries about the goods or services the funeral establishment provides, whether by telephone, electronically, or in person, and shall include the business names and addresses of the subcontractors, agents, or other providers Written notice shall be provided to the customer upon finalizing the arrangements for goods or services with the funeral establishment specifically stating, or otherwise indicating, whether or not subcontractor was used for any part of the transporting, embalming, or cremating process of the deceased. The written notice shall include business names and addresses of the subcontractors, agents, or other providers.”

HB 2240-Authored by Senator Julie Daniels (Tulsa)-OKFDA Supports
"An applicant for a license to practice funeral directing and embalming shall be at least 18 years of age"
This would allow anyone who was able to graduate mortuary school, pass the board exam by the age of 18 to become licensed without waiting until their 20th birthday. This will only affect a few graduates every few years. 

HB 1074-Authored by Representative David Smith (McAlester)-OKFDA Opposes
This bill amends the Funeral Service Licensing Act. 
"Any person, organization, or business that sells funeral service merchandise to the public without providing any other funeral services shall not be subject to the Funeral Service Licensing Act"
This would allow caskets to be should by anyone in the state.