OKFDA Standards


  • To establish, develop and maintain the highest possible standard for ethical conduct and proficiency for those engaged in the profession of funeral service.
  • To encourage the highest education level possible of its members whereby they may serve the public in a manner that most nearly relates to their needs
  • To provide a social environment whereby the members may develop a growing relationship with each other.
  • To provide services and information to its members whereby common problems and difficulties may be encountered and overcome.
  • To maintain liaison with other state associations and the National Funeral Directors Association.
  • To convey to consumers information as to funeral service, funeral merchandise and to protect the consumers interest in regard thereto.


OKFDA strives to conduct its affairs in a professional, caring, and responsive manner To all members and consumers.


The six District Chairmen and District Governors are elected volunteers whose purpose is to promote member input from their respective districts and the entire state for board review.


The Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association enhances and cultivates the funeral service profession by advocating for its members through educational development, legislative representation and resource guidance. We are the voice for Oklahoma Funeral Service Professionals- challenging members to serve their communities with excellence and integrity.

Code of Ethics

The following is the Code of Ethics adopted by the OKFDA.

  1. TO THE PUBLIC WE PLEDGE: vigilant support of public health laws; proper legal regulations for the members of our profession; devotion to high moral and service standards; conduct befitting good citizens; honesty in all offerings of service and merchandise, and in all business transactions.
  2. TO THOSE WE SERVE WE PLEDGE: confidential business and professional relationships; cooperation with the customs of all religions and creeds; observance of all respect due the deceased; high standards of competence and dignity in the conduct of all services; truthful representation of all services and merchandise.
  3. TO OUR PROFESSION WE PLEDGE: support of high educational standards and proper licensing laws; encouragement of scientific research, adherence to sound business practices; adoption of improved techniques; observance of all rules of fair competition; maintenance of favorable personal relations.
  4. AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS, we herewith fully acknowledge our individual and collective obligations to the public, especially to those we serve, and our mutual responsibilities for the proper welfare of the funeral service profession.

As an affiliate of the Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association, we subscribe to the principles set forth in the Code of Ethics and pledge our best efforts to make them effective.


The OKFDA is committed to transparency and full compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations governing non-profit organizations, as well as to the highest ethical standards in its operations and the funeral industry. The documents in this section manage the governance and internal operations of the OKFDA and its related entities and ensure organizational compliance.