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Membership Is In the Mail!

Dear Funeral Directors:

Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association is embarking on our 2023 Membership Drive, which happens to be our 120thYear! This year, your membership and support have never been more important. Your Association’s ability to keep you and your staff apprised of accurate and timely information is reliant on your continued dues support. The Association works diligently to be your resource through e-mail, our website, district meetings, convention, and the “Oklahoma Director” Magazine. OKFDA offered 24 hours of CE during the 2022 Membership Year.  OKFDA had its first social outing at the baseball game, completely free to members. Your board continues to look for ways to maximize all membership dollars and to extend as many benefits as possible to you and your staff.

With your help, OKFDA was able to stop some key legislation that would affect your funeral home and your bottom line. One bill especially was HB 1229. This was a bill that would have allowed caskets to be sold on a retail level by anyone without a license. OKFDA worked diligently through-out the legislative session, communicating with legislators as to why this would not be beneficial for the consumers of Oklahoma. HB 3366 would have affected your ability to file the death certificate in a timely manner. This bill would have required all driver’s license and identification numbers to be placed on the certificate. We all know how much of a burden that would have been! Not all legislation was negative. HB 1322 allowed Physician Assistants to sign death certificates and SB 1067 will ensure dignified burial for eligible veterans and reimbursement to the funeral home for those services. It was a busy legislative session, and we fully expect this next year’s session to be just as busy.

You will notice on the back of the Membership App a place to put your staff’s name and email addresses. We are only gathering this information for our new management software and to keep them in the loop regarding anything happening with OKFDA. Please go and look at our new website, Your board believes that communication is key to the health of this association. We are making strides every day to make sure you are kept abreast of any information affecting funeral service.

In this time of uncertainty and change, we need each other and promise not to take your membership for granted. Please complete the membership form and mail back to the OKFDA office with your check or credit card payment. As a board we are working diligently to improve our association and its value to you. We look forward to your support.



      Phillip Hart 

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